In The News | Careers Edition #2

Find fashion jobs in Cape Town, Accra, Lagos and Durban.

It's been a while since the last round up, so the jobs have piled up — mostly in Cape Town, 6 in Lagos, 1 in Accra and 2 at Mr Price Group in Durban. I'll do one of these whenever there are enough jobs in the main round up that it should be its own list. Thoughts? Tell me what you need, make suggestions, ask questions - comments are open, and so are replies. See also:

African fashion friends, please quote/reply:

- would you subscribe to a job listing newsletter? If so, what kind of roles would you want to see in what cities?

- would you pay for a Microsoft Excel For The Fashion Industry training course?— I write African Fashion Weekly (@MDOloruntoba) March 14, 2023

Also, if you are reading this because you're actively job hunting in a world on fire, how are you doing today?

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