📰 In the news | 16 August 2023

Ananse shares African fashion e-commerce insights with BoF, MRP's CFO exits, and Tapestry buys Capri

Woolworths’ new ‘eco-mannequins‘ | via BusinessTech

Across Africa,

South Africa’s export benefits under AGOA come under threat, the fashion rental business grows, Mr Price Group feels SA’s financial pinch, Woolworths’ Fashion/Beauty/Home business unit makes some progress in recovery, and Ananse shares insights from its collaborative report with Fashionomics Africa on e-commerce and SMEs in African fashion with BoF.

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Tapestry group buys Capri brands in a bid for luxury dominance, fashion revises its approach to returns and repairs, Walmart partners with fashion-tech start up to turn captured carbon into textiles and FSW offers content strategy insight for fashion’s foray into gaming.

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