In the News | May/June 22

Catch up on recent African fashion headlines, events and other announcements.

Hi! Quick note: I've quickly realised this newsletter can't be everything I'd like it to be every week, so to see if it helps me get to regular weekly publishing in the next few months, I'll be trying out a few different things, like splitting 3/4 different functions into different weeks and repeating (i.e. single original story one week, a breakdown of 1/2 news stories another week, or a list of headlines you might have missed, like the round up below). Exciting business & founder profiles coming up soon, including a long awaited South African streetwear relaunch.

This week, TFG rebounds incredibly from the mess that was 2021 with positive quarterly results, thousands of new jobs and increased manufacturing capacity, and almost nothing about the omnichannel retail experience TFGLabs is building to house all 17 of their brands as well as third party sellers. Twyg launches a new event and a course, a local fashion film makes waves abroad, and Lukhanyo Mdingi makes the ANDAM awards finals, putting him in the running for at least 1 of the institution's now 7 annual awards.

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